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Swoboda Sibiu/Cisnadie, Romania

Cisnadie (German: Heltau) is located at the foot of the southern Carpathian Mountains, approx. 8 km from the city of Sibiu. Our plant was established in 2004 and employs about 650 employees today. Activities are focused on manual and semi-automated assembly processes of e.g. level sensors and seat sensors or airbag deactivation switches, together with the necessary testing.

Philipp Lindner

Building floor space
6.200 sqm

Range of services
Assembly and testing of switches, sensors and mechatronic assemblies

Contact and directions

Swoboda Sibiu S.R.L.
Str. Selimbarului Nr. 111
555300 Cisnadie
Phone: +40 (0)269206 170
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