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Tailor-made and innovative solutions for our customers - this is what Swoboda stands for

At Swoboda, we set the highest standards and can always provide tailor-made and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our own desire for proximity to the customer, for innovation, high quality and cost optimization motivates us to always give our best and to be self-critical of the results. This philosophy is what has made us internationally successful for more than 70 years, as well as being a highly desirable business partner. We are proud of this position, and also proud of our employees, who greatly contribute to maintaining this success.
Our global facilities

This is important to us when collaborating with our customers:

Customer focus

There are many different questions rooted in the development of a production concept. In close collaboration with our customers, we provide tailor-made solutions where it is important to understand specific requirements that go well beyond technological boundaries. We ensure a high degree of precision – right from the very start.


Swoboda is a development and manufacturing partner that wants to offer the best technology expertise. The willingness to explore new techniques makes us inventors. Our experience, expertise and wide range of process technologies puts us in a position to develop innovative and reliable solutions.

Cost optimization

Cost management and optimization across the entire value chain ensures that our customers get the right leverage to perform their operations. This also puts us in a position to customize large and small production runs to meet commercially optimum requirements.

International presence

Swoboda is a medium-sized company with a globally orientated outlook. Production facilities located all over the world, each with their own specific skills and expertise, ensure that our customers get the best possible results.


The values of a medium-sized family enterprise, stable owner relations and a solid economic background ensure that Swoboda can maintain reliability and long-term business partnerships. Reliability is one of our top priorities. Mutual trust and reliability are the key ingredients for achieving and maintaining long-term-term business relations.

Quality awareness

Swodoba stands for the highest quality. We think and act according to the zero-defects philosophy. This is how quality and perfection is achieved.