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Swoboda in Sibiu, Romania, celebrates plant expansion
"Pillar of Success"

At Swoboda's site in Sibiu, Romania, two events were celebrated at the end of October.
The festivities began on Friday with an official ceremony where distinguished guests such a representative of the city of Sibiu and from the German consulate part of the festivities. Focus to the event was the completed expansion of the plant where mechatronic components for the automobile industry are produced. "In the past ten years we have accomplished a lot together." Without the dedication of our employees this would have never been the success it was," said Peter Scheifele, Managing Director of the plant.
"The plant currently consisting of 500 employees is an important pillar of success for the Swoboda Group. Swodboda Hartmann is also expecting significant growth in Sibiu in the coming years," added Dr. Matthias Groth, Managing Director, and Michael Follman, CEO of the Swoboda Group.
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2014_24_10_Sibiu 66.jpg

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