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Quality has it's price (and also won a prize)

Excellent quality is no coincidence. In this case, it comes from the Swoboda Hartmann plant in Romania. The quality work of the colleagues at the plant recently received the GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award. The General Motors Holding Company only awards suppliers who continuously deliver the best quality. In order to award the prize, quality management officers at General Motors systematically record and evaluate over a dozen different criteria.
Swoboda Hartmann Romania was awarded for the delivery of individual items free of defects for which a total of 20 employees are responsible. "We are very pleased with the great appreciation of the work of our colleagues in Romania," says Jürgen Schmidt, General Manager at Swoboda Hartmann Romania.
"The award for our plant in Romania is a visible proof of the uncompromising quality standards of Swoboda Hartmann," adds Michael Follmann, Managing Director at Swoboda. Besides praising the plant in Cisnadie, he addressed special thanks to the logistics, process design and quality assurance departments. "Through their continuous commitment, they achieved great things and contributed immensely to the award," says Follmann. This award is a further incentive for everybody to continue working together when General Motors award their top suppliers next year.
DSCF3062 Hartmann RO-1.JPG
DSCF3062 Hartmann RO-1.JPG

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