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Qualitatively high-value products can only be created on the basis of efficient project management

Testing and process procedural plans, as well as specifications, are created up front in the concept phase, and our project managers work very closely with the customer. The first templates for ongoing and cross-functional project management are defined, continually updated, and followed up thoroughly.
That is the way we ensure high quality from the start of the project until product delivery.

In good hands, from start to finish

At Swoboda, our customers are always in good hands: they are intimately involved in the project right from the start. They are kept up to date during all development and production phases.

The project manager is the main point of contact for all customers

The project manager monitors and supervises the entire process from development through to volume production and also acts as a moderator. He is permanently involved in the project, and is a committed point of contact for the customer in each and every phase.

Management of interfaces through efficient project management

Our project managers are trained and experienced. They are in possession of all skills required to collaborate with our customers efficiently and reliably. In doing so, the project leader is the central contact. He is in possession of comprehensive expertise and organizes the process between all of the participating specialist departments.