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Specific know-how and creative ideas in product development

Swoboda is a leader in the development and production of system components in almost all vehicle applications. Depending on customer requirements, sensors, actuators or even more complex electronics (ECUs) are designed for applications with high demands on accuracy and service life. The temperature range extends from -40 C ° to +180 C °. In the future, Swoboda plans to play a key role in the development of complete systems.

Other competences:
  • Development know-how in the field of electronics and mechanics
  • Special knowledge in the simulation and calculation of electromagnetic fields
  • Highly accurate design of sensors and actuators with minimal use of magnetic materials
  • Innovative strength: several patents used in practice
  • Collaboration with strong partners in development of electronic chips and software
  • Cooperation with universities

Development manufacturing technologies

Our development services for a mobile future

1. Pre-development

Our technology and product predevelopment activities are carefully aligned in order to enable us to respond quickly and effectively to customer requirements and continuously expand our product roadmap. This is constantly being adapted to market needs in the course of regular customer and development workshops and through patent research.

2. Concept development

We define the cornerstones of new products in collaboration with our customers. The outcome is a secure framework for all partners within which to realize optimized, customer-specific mechatronic assemblies. Where safety-critical assemblies are concerned, functional safety in line with ISO 26262 (ASIL) is firmly integrated into the process from the concept stage onward.

3. Series design

Before proceeding with the development process itself, we first create all the required process documents, such as the test and planning documents and the specifications. As we do so, we ensure the complete and comprehensive implementation of all the required parameters. FMEA is implemented throughout the entire product development process.

Our specialists work at state-of-the-art professional 2D and 3D workstations equipped with modern development tools such as CatiaV5®, Creo Elements/Pro®, UG-NX or COMSOL®. The programming and development of the sensor software is handled by our software specialists, who are also responsible for the exhaustive testing of their programs.

Validation is carried out in fully equipped development and test laboratories at our development locations in Schorndorf, Wiggensbach and Kunshan. For us, environmental testing, electrical, mechanical and EMC tests are indispensable in the creation of a robust and functional sensor system.

The quality department monitors the processes along the entire product development chain. The products that we develop comply with ISO/TS 16949 and/or ISO 26262, and with the V model.

4. Realization

Our production systems are designed by development engineers from across Swoboda. All components are subjected to detailed testing and analysis before being released for the subsequent manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process and the production systems involved are optimized until the required quality targets are met. A six-sigma approach and continuous statistical analysis of our product data by means of online SPC ensure quality and stability from the outset.

5. Validation and pilot phase

Commencement of production is undertaken in collaboration with our customers. A precisely-defined customer audit serves to release the manufacturing process and product for series production and initiate the continuous improvement process (CIP). Each individual step is precisely and clearly documented (also for the customer).