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From black-box to volume production - all in one hand

The name Swoboda stands for customized solutions in techniques of injection moulding with metal inserts. Our customers expect technically reliable solutions that can be produced economically in high volumes – and quite rightly so. Increasing requirements on tolerances, installation footprint, impermeability, short-circuit protection, complexity of parts and an increasing number of material types distinguishes between Swoboda and its competitors.
Everything starts with development

Overall view

It isn’t just enough to master individual technologies. Demanding requirements for precision and quality can only be achieved by intelligently meshing different technologies. Our aim is: reliability. This is because the choice of a specific technology and manufacturing concept needs to be proven by the test of time.

Going beyond technological limits

Only those manufacturers who can offer a high degree of vertical manufacturing integration, who can bring detailed knowledge to the table and, at the same time, are capable of thinking beyond technological limits, can meet the high demands made on a development and manufacturing partner. Our ambition is to be the leader in our technological field.