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Swoboda, Grand Rapids

Swoboda Inc. has set up operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan – in the immediate vicinity of the automobile metropolis of Detroit. We began producing complex hybrid parts here, such as housing for transmission controls or locking systems, in 1997. A focus of our work here is on winding technology, which we use for large-series production using fully interlinked systems. As a fully integrated technology firm with a workforce of more than 100 employees and our own sales and development team, we execute projects for the US market.
At the end of 2016, additional production areas were created with the construction of another hall. The Swoboda Inc. facility was increased by a total of about 2,500 sqm, providing the necessary prerequisites for our future growth.

Tom Hecksel

Building floor space
9.000 sqm

Range of services
Development and design, insert molding, winding technology, component assembly, tooling

Contact and directions

Swoboda Inc.
4108 52nd Street, SE
Grand Rapids, Kentwood
Michigan 49512-9636
Phone: +1 (0)616 554-6161
Telefax: +1 (0)616-554-9093
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