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Swoboda Timisoara, Romania

Swoboda Timisoara SRL employs a workforce of more than 400 at its location in Timi┼čoara. With a population of 300,000, the western Romanian city of Timi┼čoara is the country’s second-largest city after Bucharest. Swoboda SRL produces a broad range of electromechanical components there, including plug connectors and housing for electronic components, particularly for small- and medium-series production.
In 2017, Swoboda SRL relocated to a completely new factory in close vicinity to the Timisoara airport. On a floor area of approx. 9,000 sqm are now also manufactured complex metal-plastic composite parts using state-of-the-art partly automated manufacturing systems.

Zoltan Horvath

Building floor space
9,400 sqm

Range of services
Electromechanical components such as plug connectors, housing for electronic components

Contact and directions

Swoboda Timisoara S.R.L.
307201 Giarmata Vii,
Ghiroda , jud. Timis,
Phone: +40 (0)256 277-377
Telefax: +40 (0)256 211-011
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