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  • Insertmolding
    InsertmoldingMetallic inserts are injection-molded with technical thermoplastics and / or thermosets to produce metal composite components.
  • Preparation and mounting of electronic components
    Preparation and mounting of electronic componentsElectronic components are extracted from standard delivery packages, processed and assembled in metal components and electrically bonded.
  • Trim and form process in progession dies
    Trim and form process in progession diesFollowing the pre-punching and electroplating process in progressive die stamping, metallic inserts are separated and bent in several steps.
  • Integrated stamping
    Integrated stampingTrenn- Biegeprozesse in Folgeverbundwerkzeugen werden direkt in vollautomatische Fertigungszellen zur Zuführung und Vereinzelung der metallischen Einlegeteile integriert.
  • Laser welding
    Laser weldingSolid-state laser systems are used for the assembly of modules and the bonding of electronic components.
  • Resistance welding
    Resistance weldingSelf-configured system components for resistance welding are used for assembling modules and bonding electronic components.
  • Coil winding technology on fully automated multiple spindles
    Coil winding technology on fully automated multiple spindles6- / 8- /12- fold winding machines are integrated in semi and fully automatic automation lines
  • Component assemby
    Component assembyWelding, soldering, bonding/grouting and bolting processes with a 100% functionality test are incorporated into our lines.
  • Feeding systems
    Feeding systemsThe most diverse components are isolated, processed, tested and delivered in several stages during the production process.
  • Cable and wiring assembly
    Cable and wiring assemblyProduct-specific cables are processed, assembled and integrated into complex modules.

The joining of metal and plastic to
composite assemblies is our specialty

All the manufacturing steps and processes are orchestrated as a single process and exactly matched to one another. Knowledge of the best combination of different materials, joining methods and machining, are combined with decades of experience.

The implementation of our ideas and concepts is carried out on ultramodern multistage production lines using more than 500 robots located in various facilities. Here also, perfection is the daily business of our staff.

Collaboration with universities and research is our driving force for innovation